STRAWZY D.I.Y S.T.E.M Rollercoaster Kit
STRAWZY D.I.Y S.T.E.M Rollercoaster Kit
STRAWZY D.I.Y S.T.E.M Rollercoaster Kit

STRAWZY D.I.Y S.T.E.M Rollercoaster Kit


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STRAWZY D.I.Y S.T.E.M Rollercoaster Kit

Want to ignite scientific creativity in your kids? 
Get them interested in S.T.E.M concepts and keep them occupied in a fun and dynamic way!
How about a complete D.I.Y hands-on S.T.E.M learn and play experience by having them build their very own colourful straw rollercoaster from scratch? Unlike other put-together toys where the connectors are a given, in this kit, the kids get to make their own connectors themselves!!! Hence they will get to learn about the idea behind connectors and what makes them work! Every beam, connector and track in order for the rollercoaster to function will be built by them!

The possibilities are endless as there are unlimited ways they can build - only limited by their own imagination!

Challenge your kids to build a rollercoaster and later on test if it works with the marbles in the kit! The complimentary E-instructional videos and E-activity sheets are great complements to the experience and will help parents facilitate this interactive learning experience!!!! 

**CREATIVE TIP** Make use of the packaging to its fullest, practice upcycling by building your rollercoaster on top of the cardboard box!!! Also, mix the straws around and you get a super colourful rollercoaster!!!!

Set includes:

  • 3 Packets X Strawzy D.I.Y Sturdy Colourful Straws (In a variety of colours Note: Strawy Straws are thicker and more durable; meant for crafting as compared to normal straws which are more flimsy)
  • 1 Bag of Marbles
  • 1 Holder/Container
  • 1 Roll of Tape
  • Complimentary E-Instruction Videos (How to make a connector, How to make the track, How to make the deflectors, How to make a sturdy straw base without the cardboard)
  • Complimentary E-Activity Learning Sheets (S.T.E.M Concepts, Fun Questions to facilitate the building and etc)
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This kit is not only great for home play/home based learning but also would be exciting as a classroom/enrichment and even teambuilding activity! The sustainability theme can also be weaved into this experience by educating kids about the importance of upcycling and how they can make use of everyday materials to make their own toy!

Great for Ages 7-12!!! Younger kids from 2-6 may require adult assistance, build them together!!!

**Photos are just for reference, kids can choose to build the rollercoaster anyway they like!**