Happy Pack - Retro Vetro 2
Happy Pack - Retro Vetro 2

Happy Pack - Retro Vetro 2


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Happy Pack - Retro Vetro 2!

Have a Retro Vetro Happy Time!

A happy pack filled with all things nostalgic and happy! Can't make up your mind? Thinking of what to gift a friend or someone dear? Enjoy a cute mixture of all these traditional toys and games; completed with a Happy Card that will sure make your recipient's day!

Set Comes With:

  • Happy Greeting Card X 1
  • Childhood Water Gun X 1
  • Windmills X 3
  • Happy Sunglasses X 1
  • Checkers Boardgame X 1
  • Snakes and Ladders Boardgame X 1
  • Aeroplane Chess Boardgame (飞行棋) X 1
  • Happy Family Card Game X 1
  • Old Maid Card Game X 1
  • Snap! Card Game X 1
  • Donkey Card Game X 1

Suitable for - Anyone age over 3

**Bulk orders available as goodie bags/corporate gifts/door gifts**