eXplorerKid's Holiday Pick - Touch & Play! (5 Day Activity Bundle)

eXplorerKid's Holiday Pick - Touch & Play! (5 Day Activity Bundle)


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eXplorerKid's Holiday Pick - Touch & Play!

Let your child play around with the texture of the toys of the past and learn of the difference between traditional and modern toys! Add in some sensory play with slime and other crafts! “Touch & Play" set features 5 exciting activities that can occupy your kids for at least 5 days or more! All activities come with complimentary E-activity sheets to facilitate the experience!

Day 1: Build Your Own Astro Shield! (Learn about how the face shield protects you from COVID-19 as you colour it!)

Day 2: Nostalgic Games Play (Learn about the old school games and how to play and improve your motor skills along the way)

Day 3: Create your own D-I-Y craft with Knack It! (Learn about upcycling your everyday items as you unleash your imagination and craft skills!)

Day 4: Animal Paper Bag (Paste the pieces together to create a cute animal bag!)

Day 5: Slime (Play around with the popular slime! Explore the texture!)


Set includes:

  • 1x DIY Astro Shield Set
  • 1X Chapteh
  • 1X Paper Ball
  • 1 Set of 5 X Five Stones
  • 1 Bag X Marbles (Go Li)
  • 1 Set X Pick Up Sticks
  • 1 Set X Kuti Kuti
  • 1x DIY Knack It Bag (Comes with complimentary E-instructional manual)
  • 1X Animal Paper Bag Craft Set
  • 1X Set of 12 tubs of slime