eXplorerKid's Holiday Pick - Thinking Party! (6 Day Activity Bundle)

eXplorerKid's Holiday Pick - Thinking Party! (6 Day Activity Bundle)


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eXplorerKid's Holiday Pick - Thinking Party!

How can you keep your child’s brain active while they’re on their holiday break? These activities will keep them engaged as they use their brains to piece them together! “Thinking Party" set features 6 exciting activities that can occupy your kids for at least 6 days or more! All activities come with complimentary E-activity sheets to facilitate the experience!

Day 1: 3D Puzzle Painter ( A mix of colouring and fixing! Let your imagination and critical thinking flow!)

Day 2: 3D Plane Model (Learn about 3D printing as you build a plane model!)

Day 3: DIY Windmill (Learn about how a windmill works as you train your motor skills while you piece it together!)

Day 4: Tangram (Learn about the different shapes and rack your brain as you challenge yourself to form objects!)

Day 5: Rubik’s Cube (A classic toy that involves strategic thinking to solve even just one side!)

Day 6: Animal Felt Sticker Craft (Train your hand-eye coordination and maybe add some creativity as you create your own patterns for your animal!)


Set includes:

  • 1x 3D Puzzle Painter Set
  • 1X 3D Plane Modelling Set
  • 1X DIY Windmill (1 set of 3)
  • 1X Tangram
  • 1 X Rubik's cube
  • 1 X Animal Felt Sticker Craft