eXplorerKid's Holiday Pick - Crafts Of Wits! (7 Day Activity Bundle)

eXplorerKid's Holiday Pick - Crafts Of Wits! (7 Day Activity Bundle)


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eXplorerKid's Holiday Pick - Crafts Of Wits!

Does your child love models and puzzles? Let them have a fun filled holiday packed with brain challenges with this pack! “Crafts of Wits" set features 7 exciting activities that can occupy your kids for at least 7 days or more! All activities come with complimentary E-activity sheets to facilitate the experience!

Day 1: Creative Building Blocks ( Challenge yourself to build various structures!)

Day 2: 3D Plane Model (Learn about 3D printing as you build a plane model!)

Day 3: DIY Windmill (Learn about how a windmill works as you train your motor skills while you piece it together!)

Day 4: Tangram (Learn about the different shapes and rack your brain as you challenge yourself to form objects!)

Day 5: 3D Puzzle Painter (A mix of colouring and fixing! Let your imagination and critical thinking flow!)

Day 6: Happy Puzzle (Learn new things as you piece together a puzzle!)

Day 7: DIY Wooden Toy With Motor (Hone your motor and critical thinking skills put pieces together to create a toy!)


Set includes:

  • 1x Creative Building Blocks Set
  • 1X 3D Plane Modelling Kit
  • 1X DIY Windmill (Set of 3)
  • 1 X Tangram
  • 1 X 3D Puzzle Painter Set
  • 1 X Happy Puzzle
  • 1 X DIY Wooden Toy With Motor