eXplorerKid's Holiday Pick - Animal Retreat! (6 Day Activity Bundle)

eXplorerKid's Holiday Pick - Animal Retreat! (6 Day Activity Bundle)


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eXplorerKid's Holiday Pick - Animal Retreat!

A whole holiday filled with animal themed activities for an animal lover! As they are doing something they love, they also hone skills such as hand-eye coordination and creativity! “Animal Retreat" set features 6 exciting activities that can occupy your kids for at least 6 days or more! All activities come with complimentary E-activity sheets to facilitate the experience!

Day 1: Zodiac Paper Cup! (Learn about the 12 Chinese zodiac as you create cartoon versions of them!)

Day 2: Animal Paper Bag (Paste the pieces together to create a cute animal bag!)

Day 3: Animal Felt Sticker Craft (Train your hand-eye coordination and maybe add some creativity as you create your own patterns for your animal!)

Day 4: Foil Art (Experiment as you colour with foil! Watch your creativity unfold as you stick coloured foil onto the canvas!)

Day 5: Animal Paper Plate (Assemble and paste together a cartoon animal as you develop your hand-eye coordination)

Day 6: Animal Picture Frame (Assemble together this cute display as you train your motor skills!)


Set includes:

  • 1 set X 12 Zodiac Paper Cups
  • 1 X Animal Paper Bag
  • 1 X Animal Felt Sticker Craft
  • 1 X Foil Art
  • 1 X Animal Paper Plate 
  • 1 X Animal Picture Frame