4 Simple D-I-Y Father's Day Gifts

It's often a challenge thinking of a gift for fathers for this occasion as compared to its holiday counterpart. Here are 4 simple crafts for the kiddos to show their appreciation to their superheroes!


1. Father's Day Medal

A medal to the best dad in the world! Do you think your father is the best in the world? Let him know about that with this medal! Adorn it with hand prints or maybe list a reason or two as to why he deserves it for a more personal touch!


2. Quirky Cartoon Card

A classic gift with a cute twist! Write your feelings in the card and dress it up as a cartoon character of your creation! Add another challenge by trying to turn your father into a cartoon character!



3. Storage Box

Does your father leave his keys or loose items lying everywhere? Make a storage box to keep those things together! Add some cute decoration of things that your father likes on it for a finishing touch!




4. Coaster

Make something that for him to use every morning! Let him see your appreciation every time he drinks his coffee! Paint it with various designs of things that your father like or paste your hand print something more personal!


We hope you have fun crafting these together this father's day. Share your creations with us and get featured via instagram @knackeysg!

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