5 Ways To Craft Some Love This Mother's Day

There are many different types of crafts to do with your child this mother's day! From crafts that are simple and safe even for toddlers to something a little more advanced, there's something to suite your taste! Here are 5 interesting crafts for you to do this mother's day!


1. Mother's Day Display Plate

Let your child express how they feel about their mother artistically as they write or draw them on a paper plate! Have fun decorating it together and putting it on display afterwards!


2. Mother's Day Simple Bouquet

Like flowers? Let your child draw flowers on coloured paper, cut them out and assemble them together to make a unique flower arrangement wrapped together with lace doily paper!


3. Mother's Day Frame

Frame up that cute little note or letter that your child made! Measure the border and use ice-cream sticks to secure the sides. Add colour and decoratives for a nice finish!

4. Mother's Day Storage Box

Need something to store jewellery in? Or simply just to keep loose items together? Make a cute little storage box together!

Step by step instructions:

1. Cut out 2 10 x 10cm piece from the origami paper of your colour choice.

2. Glue 2 ice-cream sticks on the 2 vertical sides.

3. Flip over and glue another 2 ice-cream sticks on the horizontal sides.

4. Glue 2 ice-cream sticks on the 2 from step 3 but aligned on the vertical side.

5. Continue adding 2 ice-cream sticks, alternating between vertical and horizontal until each side has approximately 8 layers ( or until your desired height).

6. Take the other piece of paper and glue 2 ice-cream sticks on the vertical sides, and another 2 on top on the horizontal sides.

7. Leave it as it is or add flowers (following the flower bouquet instructions but with small cupcake cases) and leaves for a nice touch!



    5. Mother's Day Flower Bouquet

    Want flowers that are more fancy? Try making this flower bouquet! Have fun making various flowers of your choice and assemble them into a beautiful arrangement!

    Step by step instructions:

    1. Stack 3 cupcake cases together and fold into half twice.

    2. Cut out petals of your desired shape

    3.Separate the 3 cases. Take 1 and pierce a toothpick through the middle (optional). Press it together to form the bud.

    4. Add the second case and press them together. Then, add the third and remove your flower from the toothpick.

    5. Cut out a 5.5 x 16 cm (or desired length) piece from a kraft paper bag.

    6. Roll up the piece from the long side to form the stem. Add glue to the end to keep in place.

    7. Glue your flower to an end of the stem made previously.

    8. Repeat steps 1-7 until you reached your desired number of flowers for your bouquet. You can also paint them to add some colour to the bouquet! Afterwards, arrange them together in a jar/vase or a paper cup from the kit!


    We hope you have fun crafting these together this mother's day. Share your creations with us and get featured via instagram @knackeysg!

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